Mercury Emissions in Asia - Man Interfering with Nature

January 11, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

In south-east Asia, for example, coal mining is responsible for half the mercury emissions in the world annually, impacting adversely populations and ecology over a large part of the Planet - and still it continues. Whenever there is a cutting in to lands and seas, vapours stored there are released sometimes wreaking havoc, certainly causing change, rather like opening Pandora's box. If we interfere with the natural balance of nature, however well intended the act may be, the result is uncomfortable for us all. our beautiful planetOne of the problems for modern man is that man thinks he knows it all about our planetary home. We know little, and much of what we know is facile, limited and twisted to accord with what we want. If you think about it, is an extraordinary approach, rather as in a much smaller way doctors think they know all about human health, leaving us in a situation where treatment and cure by chemical and surgical intervention is the norm over the option of keeping our bodies in balance and harmony with our environment from the very beginning of human life. It is another example of separation. Separation, however, is not mandatory, and more and more awakened souls are choosing to have control of their lives despite conventional advice or coercion. And this is good! Part of our challenge is to take responsibility for our own lives and environment, not obeying the laws of convention or societal belief. The more you and I bring balance and kindness into how we live the more we will help the Planet; the more we seek out the natural way of caring for ourselves and those we love, of whatever degree, the more Gaia will respond and the healthier we will be. Let intervention be the last, not the first resort.]]>

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