Another Rape in India - Teaching the World about Compassion

January 14, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

Those who care about India will despair as the world consumes the latest shocking story of the violent and casual abuse of another woman by 6 men despite the high profile repercussions of gang rape and murder in Delhi just a month ago. The good news is that this time the victim, who survived, felt able to go to the police because of what happened before, and this time the police took action and arrests have been made. It is a pity that the shocked girl was paraded by the police before the media even though clearly she was traumatised by her experience, but at least, at last, a victim of sexual crime has been heard. The Indians are learning. There is no case for western superiority here. Abuse against the vulnerable has been rife for centuries in every developed country. In Britain now we are haunted by the revelations of the Rochdale Inquiry into organised abuse of children in care, and of the hundreds of crimes over decades by Jimmy Savile who "groomed the nation" through his celebrity status to facilitate his paedophilia. In many communities gangs of men conspire to abuse the vulnerable still: it is a national problem, and I am sure it is the same beyond our shores. [caption id="attachment_1353" align="alignleft" width="150"]The full moon over Wales last night The ending of a cycle[/caption] While the stories are difficult for anyone with any kindness in their heart to hear, it is good that at last the world is starting to recognise that there is a dark, unlovely streak in the human race which must be confronted and addressed. We have to know and acknowledge that, particularly, sexual abuse is endemic in every stratum of society, and that it is unacceptable: for too long the whispers and innuendo have been ignored and the lonely victims disbelieved in favour of the more persuasive or powerful. The balance must be redressed, fairly. Here in Britain the shock of revelation has forced it to happen, and it is happening in India similarly. There is much yet to be achieved in other parts of the world and more women and children will suffer to teach us right from wrong, but the shift to compassion and true equality is under way: humanity is starting to learn its truth, thankfully not to point the finger in just one direction.]]>

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2 comments on “Another Rape in India - Teaching the World about Compassion”

  1. What do the stories attributed to King Arthur and his knights have to say about stories like this? Isn't it from such stories that the term 'damsel in distress' was born?
    As a matter of fact, what does Arthur, himself, have to say about stories such as this? Worth a little channelling, isn't it?

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