Mercury in Transit – A Year of Revelation

May 6, 2016,
Claire Montanaro

For people for whom Mercury is strong in their astrological chart, the influence of their planet on them will be particularly meaningful, but even if it is a minor feature it will have an effect on our lives for the rest of the year and even beyond. Mercury is about communication and also about business matters, but it is about revelation too. While this transit can be seen as auspicious with opportunity for economic growth and community well-being, for making money and increasing prosperity, there is a hidden barb: Mercury is a creature of mischief, and he delights in tripping us up or testing us, and so there could be some challenges in the opportunities on offer. He can be ruthless, and if we squander the gifts he gives us he may force us, painfully, to see what we have done and where we have gone wrong. He is the great revealer. Revelation is the deepest and most important aspect of Monday’s transit. With the help of Mercury, this year, if you are willing, you can enter the most hidden part of you to find your true self, the real individual you are in the most spiritual sense. Clarity can come to you about your reason for being on Earth now, where your future lies and what is your service. With unsentimental and non-egoic realism you can put your human fears and distractions behind you, and focus almost ruthlessly on what you have to do – and as you live in the light of your truth. This is such an important time for your soul growth, and it would be such a pity to waste Mercury’s precious gifts. Remember, the best present is not always gift-wrapped but has to be discovered, or it comes in obscure packaging or in a form which is uninviting. This year, keep alert, be vigilant for any occurrence or communication that causes you to pause and think, even an argument, an article, or a dream. This is your year. Mercury in transit is the messenger of the Gods in contact with you and the Sun, the Light of the World. It is a triangle of Light, and beautiful to behold.   [byline]]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Mercury in Transit – A Year of Revelation”

  1. Thank you for your article. The day Mercury was in transit, I literally 'found' some mercury in the corner of an old mirror I'm refinishing.... little balls of rolling Mercury! I didn't know of the Mercury Transit until and I was researching the Divine offerings of Mercury online.... I love it when the Universe speaks to me and I can hear and see it!

    1. What a wonderful example of serendipity! The mirror too has a significance.
      I wonder how Mercury features in your astrological chart?
      Thank you so much for writing, Shane.

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