Messages from the Spirit of the Sea

November 7, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

I went to the sea by myself, to a tiny cottage on a remote, ancient place in Pembrokeshire where water surrounded me on three sides, where I could open a door and walk into the ocean, where seals played around me, where all I heard was their guttural barking and the calling of great flocks of geese and gulls over the roar of the waves and the echoes of wind. There, there was no internet nor even phone connection, and my voice, for a week, was silent. The Spirit of the Sea Being alone in this way, not thinking, nor working, nor talking nor being occupied, gave me swathes of time to be still, and to be nothing. From time to time a reminder prodded my awareness, nudging me to consider, when I was ready, changes in what I do and give, and how it happens. This I am doing now, with the intent to introduce change at the beginning of the year to come. It will happen. You may notice. Among the messages filtering through from the Spirit of the Sea was a warning about technology: yes, it is useful and for many people, an essential part of their life, but developments and dependency are increasing rapidly, bringing us to the point where it is beyond our control - we are controlled by it. We are dissuaded from using cash, cheques, bank branches and even shops sometimes as online shopping and automated payments are encouraged instead. (BT now charges me a lot of money to receive its bill by post, as a punishment for opting-out of direct debit!) These businesses offer speed, ease and convenience, but it is not an altruistic service, for when we use them, we are giving them access to our private lives. Like you, perhaps, I use social media to connect with contacts and to inform, though it is mostly from a business perspective. Accepted wisdom says that if you do not use it you are behind the times and (if you work) are missing an important business opportunity, but now, following my retreat, I am reflecting seriously about its value, for me. The previously open, simple platforms of Facebook and Twitter, for example, friendly vehicles for keeping in touch and sharing information with a known and unknown audience, have been replaced by a ruthless drive to make money out of advertising and our personal information. I don’t like the direction social media is going, and am uneasy about how my accounts can be abused. Spirit of the SeaSomeone, yesterday, talked in an interview about how he has minimal technology in his life. He has no mobile phone, no social media accounts, he does nothing online, he has no credit or debit cards, and uses only cash. He is not a crank, but he used to be a professional hacker. He knows that “anything that is easy can be hacked”. So, I listen to the messages of the Spirit of the Sea with respect as She counsels fluidity aligned with caution. I would be interested to know how you would feel if I closed my social media accounts? Do let me know - by whichever medium you prefer. [byline]]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

7 comments on “Messages from the Spirit of the Sea”

  1. YEs....I too am fed up with everybody looking at their phones constantly.......go to visit people and they re looking at their phones and texting...bah......posted interview with Jaz coleman singer/keyboards with band killing Joke and he mentioned we ve lost the art of wonder people are so lonely.....all gone mad...and also great profits to be had by BIG companies run by the very people who are not helping to prevent the destruction of the nature etc....of the planet...i wonder why do we need the up to date iphone 5???? new apple computer etc etc....

      1. theres the sinister stuff also ..,survellience....seems its used more to watch folks now...I`m finding lots of stuff that proves this is going on. as you said `missing business opportunity`...I dont think so....If you are advanced soul people always find you one way or dosent have to post weekly for sure...

  2. G'day, Claire!
    In pondering your blog and your request for advice about whether to exit Facebook and Twitter, for instance, it would seem that the wisest counsel I can offer is for you to consider the *practical effects* of doing so. Please feel free to ponder American psychologist and philosopher William James' anecdote about metaphysicians following a squirrel round a tree and his interjection when asked by them to take sides:
    While others' input on this topic may prove of value, in my opinion it is wisest if you do what feels right to ewe and squirrel away others' comments (including my own, if it should prove appropriate) in a hole in the metaphysicians' tree.
    Choosing not to go round the bend whilst chasing a squirrel,

  3. I would be sad if you didn't sent out a blog as per usual. I don't care about facebook and twitter or iphones. I understand that the people that love us are always available in some way. The ease of making arrangements with children via cell phones has been the greatest advantage of technology to me.

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