Miners’ deaths in South Africa – a sign of the times

August 23, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Despite wonderful work of healing and reconciliation by people such as Nelson Mandela, there is resentment still among the poor of this beautiful land as they see others profiting from the wealth of their country but not themselves; it has been this way for generations. This time, the jealousy among the miners is not just against their employers but also among themselves as rival unions clash in a bitter turf war, and the violence has come not just from the police but from themselves also. It is a sad situation, particularly since many African workers in other mines and elsewhere feel similarly discriminated against, and there must be the possibility that the unrest will spread as anger at yesterday’s events grows. It is ironic that the situation is impacting the world too, as stock exchange prices are affected by these events in South Africa, and possibly the value of precious metals also. It will be hard for the people of South Africa, many of whom have fought hard and long for democracy and fairness in their country, to see savage violence returning so shockingly. This is the time when old emotions are coming forward for release and uncomfortable truths are revealed, for all of us wherever we live, and it may be that the deaths of the miners will be a catalyst for permanent change. Everything happens for a reason.]]>

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