Predictions for 2016

December 30, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

(Predictions for 2016 as  channelled through Claire Montanaro)   “It is a pleasure as always to be with you, Our children of the Light. You ask about your year to come: it will be a remarkable year in many ways, and you will look back on the 2015 and you will see that all the peaks and troughs and challenges that it brought were a preparation for these months that lie ahead. It was a time when your karmic reminders rose to the surface to remind you of what you were needing to be doing – and may need to remember still. It was a year of preparation: the signs of what is to come were written in the sands of the glorious desert of your life, and it was your choice as to whether you read the messages and learned from them, or preferred to ignore the runes. Many chose the latter course, and those who did consequently will be taken by great surprise. Mother of the WorldYou ask about the 2016, however: in this year you will see that the complacency of those who believe the status quo is forever, will be shattered as your world stumbles and somersaults from one great event to another. The folly of man, of political leadership and out-dated economics, your strange ways of resolving conflict and your continuing refusal to take responsibility for the welfare of the most precious prize you have, your Planet, will be challenged more and more and seen as divisive, limiting and even dangerous. The old values based on money, power, control and personal gain often at any cost, will become intolerable to many as a turning point comes in what is seen to be acceptable or desirable by your global societies. Those who refuse to accept the new way of community will have their choice honoured, but their future will be uncomfortable. The 2016 will be the true launch of this long-awaited revolution, with more to come in later years. You ask, what are these great events? We tell you, you will see an intensification in the polarisation between countries, in political uncertainty, in conflict, in challenge to traditional authority, and between the rich and the poor. Abuse at all levels, often hidden before, will become known and hypocrisy exposed. Discoveries will lead to more scientific questions than answers can be found for, and, indeed, science may go too far. There will be villains and there will be heroes, acts of violence and cruelty and deeds of humbling altruism. All can teach you much. No one of you can stand apart from these changes. You are a part of all that is and all that happens, and so you have a shared responsibility with your neighbour and your leader, through your intent, conduct and prayers, for helping to rectify the sad imbalances that have caused the suffering of so many, including Gaia. Gaia herself is strong, far more so than many who take her for granted know. She will demonstrate her power magnificently, in your year to come, and nature will dominate the lives of many. Please know that, if your humanity exceeds the limits of what is permitted under cosmic law, if you refuse to play your part for the whole and not just the few, We will ensure the rebalancing of your precious Planet for you. It must be done, it will be done: it is the Plan of God. The choice is yours, individually and collectively, and we know your choice is one of love. For that We thank you. 2016 will be the marker between the old ways that are done and the new age that you have waited for, for so long. Remember, your smallest thought affects everything – and in that there is much power. There is nothing to fear, but much for you to do. Know that all is well, and that Our love goes with you.”   [byline]]]>

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4 comments on “Predictions for 2016”

  1. Hello Siblings of the Constant Light,
    What you proclaim unfortunately has been the truth for many years now as universal occurrences. What is denoted is the intensity as you have stated and the further entrenchment of polarized fear mongers. Could you please elaborate from our angelic cluster to yours the successes for this New Year. Than the tales of woe that this Earth has given birth pains for tens of thousands of years prior.
    For we know that during my lifetime there will be one pivotal biblical environmental cataclysm. (not necessarily in 2016) That humanity has been prone in the Western hemisphere to experience economic hardship nearly every decade. We are about due since our last major bang in late 2007 of the "Great Recession".
    O teachers shine the light through your willing sisterly channel what can be distilled as the good news in 2016.
    Namaste Kindred, your humble Oracle Imagineer.

    1. Yes, Ivan, we have been moving forward for aeons to reach the destination we have been waiting for, and it will be soon! But we humans dictate the time.
      Remember, I am only the Messenger in these transmissions: you ask for good news about 2016 - for me, the good news is that the chaos of what is to come is leading us to the joys of the new era on Earth, so what you may see as "bad" news is, for me, all good! It is like the pains of childbirth - uncomfortable at the time but all worth it. Thank you.

  2. G'day, Claire!
    I can already attest to at least part of what is mentioned in your original post this thread. This is because the building where I live was purchased four months ago by a greedy young man whose scrupulosity can easily be brought into question at any given moment. An accurate term for him is an Americanism, that of 'slumlord'.
    He doesn't like me too terribly much because I have caught him dissembling to me more than once. When he has threatened me illegally with eviction (due to the terms of my lease), I've fought back and given him reason to be contrite. Et cetera.
    In Freudian terms, the role I appear to be playing is the Ego to his (previously) unchecked Id. And the Super-Ego regulating both the Id and the Ego is something of which he is totally unaware.
    In terms of your post, there is his issue of power over others being played out. Where he has previously been unchecked, I, a lowly tenant (to him), has been buggering up his version of the status quo.
    This is rather like the old Peter, Paul and Mary song, *The Times, They're A-Changing*: Hearing it again, its prescience with regard to your original post is quite striking indeed.

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