RBS's Stephen Hester - The Politics of Envy

January 30, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

I was a little saddened, for him, by Stephen Hester's decision to turn down his RBS bonus, for it is another example of (by others) lack of discernment, rigidity of thought, and envy, traits which threaten freedom of choice and the right to individuality everywhere.

The furore over bankers' bonuses is about power and control also, and I am reminded of the unsavoury aspects of the French Revolution in the way the media, many politicians and the public, each for different reasons, is seeking to punish those people whom they judge to be rewarded excessively and unfairly. The hounding of Stephen Hester was unkind and distasteful and it forced him to retreat - but what a brave soul he is to volunteer to learn about abuse and public humiliation as forcefully as he has in this lifetime.

The big test for men and women who are experiencing or witnessing financial hardship is to avoid the politics of envy and to recognise that every person's path, and situation in life, is different from theirs: denying other people the right to fair reward for their achievement if they cannot have it too is another aspect of materialism and self-centredness and a far cry from the precepts of tolerance: where does it stop? Complete equality has never been achieved since the days of Lemuria, particularly when all recent political systems are based on money and power, even communism.

It is such a pity that it is so little understood that poverty, wealth, lifestyle and social background are all part of the preparations for a new life and soul experience, carefully chosen to enable as much learning as possible - and all present their own challenges.

I expect that Stephen Hester and others like him do not need a bonus for their survival, but if according to his contract and performance he has earned one - and one that is in delayed shares which will not hurt others -   then I am a lone voice in believing he should be thanked in this way for his efforts to rescue largely state-owned bank, not vilified. He has behaved with dignity, but the majority of Britons have not.


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