Re-discovering the Cloak of Invisibility

January 26, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Amidst all the news of financial difficulty, unedifying politics and distorted values it is heartening to learn that researchers at the University of Texas have managed to make three dimensional objects invisible from every angle - finding, perhaps, the true fabled cloak  of invisibility at last.

Experiments before have depended upon using an overlay of metamaterial to bend light - like a cloak -  but now light can be used in such a way that it seems to pass through matter as if it were not there. It is not so much a cloak, rather the ability to cancel out what is in the third dimension, and as such has huge implications for the tensions between the worlds of spirit and matter, duality.

So many fascinating scientific discoveries are being made now, raising questions of profound significance about our source, the nature of the world, of the cosmos, and the nature and meaning of God. They apply to us as individuals and our place in this multi-dimensional word, and to the spiritual infinity which is so vast and limitless it is incomprehensible to our tiny understanding. More and more the Light is being seen in new ways: we have not begun to realise the enormity of its actuality and potential yet, but revelations relating to its power and use, such as to manifest what is hidden and to dissipate what is unwanted, to defeat time and expand space, will more and more be made.

The cloak of invisibility and the power of light - many of these cosmic secrets have been known by mystics and esotericists, the great spiritual teachers since Earth was seeded, but they have been forgotten in man's recent history through our descent into the world of matter. Now is our chance to remember, and to use the information wisely this time. If we do not, we may find ourselves engulfed in a prison of our own making, and it would be a heavy price to pay for the misuse of the divine gift of knowledge.


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