Remembering Atlantis

May 12, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Myths about Atlantis continue to be created, and I know that in my lifetime, like String Theory, proof of the truth behind the myths will be discovered.

Two recent programmes on the BBC claim that the story of Atlantis derives from a huge natural disaster in the Aegean which tore apart the islands of Thera and Crete in 1620 BC. I have no doubt these cataclysmic events happened, but believe that the original story of Atlantis occurred far earlier, 12000 years or more before, and very differently.

Because this point of time on Earth parallels what happened in Atlantis, many of the people who lived then are in incarnation now as part of their completion and it is likely you are among them, with your memories and possibly karma from those great events. I too was there, many times,and this is what I remember of the final days:

Atlantis was a great land lying in the middle of what is now the Atlantic and it was very beautiful. It was abundant with riches of wildlife and culture, also wealth through trading. It was, additionally, the spiritual centre of the world: the ancient wisdoms were known and practised as the heart of the civilisation; great spiritual teachers were revered and sought after for their gifts; and priests and priestesses of the highest calibre did their service in temples of extraordinary and high interdimensional frequencies, conduits between the people and the divine working magically to heal and transform to achieve heaven on Earth.

Each temple had its own purpose and was designed to help to achieve this through use of colour, for example, shape and material. The High Temple, the Temple of Light, was a portal to other planes and an entry point for beings of the highest light. It was the place where time did not exist and because of the strength of the frequencies only people of the clearest resonance could be there, and those who were permitted to be there were present in their monadic being only - nothing of matter could be there. As such, the temple was created from living clear crystal and at its centre was a great blue quartz crystal, a transmitter with powers which even now I may not specify.

At its spiritual peak, Atlantis was a place of bliss - but times change and nothing remains the same forever on Earth. In my next blog I will speak of the events that brought down the Temple of Light and all it stood for, and the place now known as Atlantis.


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