Renewable Energy from Iceland – Good news at Last?

April 12, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

The concept is simple and sounds environmentally friendly while being very effective: a cable will be laid along the sea bed (no drilling) to take geo-thermal energy derived from Iceland’s many volcanoes and hot springs to her neighbour, enabling a lessening of her dependency on fossil fuels and a solution to her undertaking to develop renewable energy. Iceland herself has more than enough geothermal energy to spare for others and sees the scheme as commercially beneficial and “very exciting”, as does the British government. If this story is true – I can find nothing about it on the internet but the BBC source sounded genuine – it would be an imaginative and pragmatic way forward in kindly co-operation between the needs of man and the gifts of the Planet as well as between two countries with much in common. Too often in the past choices and decisions have been made based on hasty assessment, cost and speed without consideration for effectiveness and environmental impact – and this ill-considered, lip-service approach is common in many countries not just the UK. The report, unsubstantiated though it is, could, indeed, be good news and may presage a new approach to the use of Earth’s resources. It just makes sense.]]>

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