Same Sex Marriage and Tory Intolerance

May 21, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

river wye in May 200For those modernist Tories who wish to show that their Party has validity for all community groups and all ages, it must be deeply disappointing that so much effort over recent years to change a tired image has been undone by a public clamour from colleagues intended, in effect, to ostracise gay and lesbian men and women from the rest of society through denying them the right to marry. It is discrimination based on judgment, and as such is deeply unattractive, even more so when this sensitive issue is used as a weapon to undermine David Cameron’s leadership. As the arguments on both sides go on, no-one appears to be considering how the people directly affected may be feeling about the controversy while their sexual orientation and related rights are discussed sometimes in highly personal and derogatory terms; it must be hurtful to say the least to be deemed unworthy of a right to marriage enjoyed by those who happen to be heterosexual, and uncomfortable that their lifestyle may be under covert criticism. It may be a simplistic comparison, but imagine if there was the same level of protest over redheads being allowed to go to certain hair salons frequented by everyone else - they would feel humiliated, distressed and probably angry too, understandably so – and it would be illegal. The gay marriage debate is not a dissimilar situation. It is good that the legislation seems likely now to be passed and the furore will die down as same sex marriage becomes an accepted part of British life, just as occurred when civil partnerships were introduced. Damage has been done, however, to the sensibilities of the lesbian and gay community and to the reputation and cohesion of the Tory Party. Hopefully the intolerance of some will encourage greater tolerance in others - for good will come from this, as it comes from everything. Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of Spiritual Wisdom.]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.


One comment on “Same Sex Marriage and Tory Intolerance”

  1. Thanks, Claire, for some interesting comments. The Tory right-wing nutters/bigots you mention deserve considerable negative reinforcement in behavioural psychological terms.
    There are many ways this can be accomplished. Since such ilk hate gays with a passion, one thing that can be done to provide them with negative reinforcement is to turn that hatred against them. After all, gender is a social construct, and such ilk have their own form of machismo. What would happen if that were suddenly taken away from them?
    For instance, when (former) Congressman Bobby Schilling spammed me on Congressional office letterhead on Valentine's Day 2012, along with being very angry not only because of the spam falsely purporting to support 'religious freedom' (but in fact seeking to ignite Culture Wars in the Congressional District where I live) but also because he had abused his office, I called him out in a Letter to the Editor of the local rag (newspaper). In the process, I made him look gay because he'd spammed me on Valentine's Day. While Schilling still spammed me right through the 2012 election campaign, he never did it again on Congressional letterhead.
    In other words, I took Schilling's manhood away from him with the stroke of a pen, as it were. Perhaps there is a way that PM Cameron can provide a similar means of negative reinforcement in order to bring his nutters/bigots into line?

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