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Seeing Magic Everywhere

June 20, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

It is early morning here in mid-Wales and, even though it is day, a large moth is hovering outside my window, wings outstretched from a straight body like a crucifix. It is silver in colour and shines with a clear and luminous light. It is unearthly.

mothThis extra-ordinary creature is leaving now, having stayed long enough for me to see its beauty and appreciate the gift of its presence. It has been a messenger too, speaking silently of sights and visions to come, of visitors from distant places far beyond our world and of the constancy of Spirit in a time of change. Its words are reassuring even uplifting, and its very presence has been a reminder that we live in a multi-dimensional reality in which, if we look, magic exists visibly all around us.

Through trust and acceptance and a suspension of disbelief, magical manifestation can be a natural part of our lives. Often we cannot see it because through looking so hard we have got caught up in mental contortion and expectation which confines us in the third dimension, far from the true world of magic. So, watch and notice what is around you with lightness in your heart and a love for all that you observe, and then  the most mundane sight, even a moth, can you the greatest gifts possible from the world of Spirit.


Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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