Self-Awareness and the Spiritual Laws

August 26, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
It is time to hear the voice of God directly....

The aim of all souls, whether you in your human vessel know it or not, is to merge with the divine, and the purpose of your every lifetime is to inch towards achieving this momentous goal; in this, self-awareness is key. 

Self-awareness means you understand yourself and you know your frailties: you do what you can to observe them when they emerge, you see them for what they are, and try to change them to be a positive rather than a negative characteristic.  The struggle can be intense and it is easy to find yourself deflated as once again you find you have fallen into the trap of human weakness when you are trying so hard to be your best.  It helps to remember that the soul journey is all about getting things wrong and so learning about life, and that perfection, besides being impossible to achieve, is very boring.

Self-acceptance, then, is an important aspect of self-awareness too.  Too often the spiritual quest is pursued in trying to be something you are not.  If you love people and parties, do not pretend you want to be a hermit because it is ‘spiritual”; if you have a busy lifestyle, do not feel guilty if you are too tired to meditate for Spirit will always find a way of communicating with you; if your relationship is bitter and you are unhappy within it, do not try to forgive the hurts because it is the kind thing to do, but see the truth about how you really feel and what needs to be done.  You are not a saint, and sometimes trying to be one or appear to be one can lead to sanctimony and spiritual arrogance as you judge yourself better than other people.  Be yourself in your human-ness and relatability to others.

When you are fully self-aware, with a gentle unjudging fondness for yourself and acceptance of all you are to the point where you hardly think about yourself, your individual consciousness will merge with the universal consciousness leading to your total spiritual knowing and, at last, your merging with God.  

This total knowing and total union is the essence of who you are; it is the prize of all souls and the promise of wonders to come.  It is what the Spiritual Law of Continuity of Consciousness, the sixteenth of the eighty eight great Spiritual Laws, is all about.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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