Spies and discernment

June 28, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

I was interested but not surprised to learn that a network of spies working for the Russians in the US has been discovered.   It appears they have been living undercover using false identities as part of their local community, and were not connected to the Embassy at all.  It appears also as if their methods of working were amateurish to say the least, and their achievements inconsequential.

It may be there will be more to the story yet to be revealed.  However, my sense is that this sort of low-level spying goes on in and by all of the developed countries, and in the end does not really matter.  What is more intriguing is what it teaches us about appearances:  these spies have been living in America for, in some cases, a decade, and while they were tracked by the FBI for years, presumably their friends and neighbours knew nothing about their double life.

People are full of surprises, and appearances can be very deceptive.  It helps, perhaps, to take every person at face value but to look at them with discernment.  Very probably, the spies were liked by many who knew them and they may have been excellent and active members of their community.  Commend them for that, for if it was done with good intent it is important.

It is easy to judge and misjudge.  Accept people for who and what they are as you find them. In saying this, I am not condoning espionage!  I am reminding you - if you need it - that political views and activity do not make someone bad necessarily.   It is the intent behind it and the person they are that counts.

There is a world of difference between a terrorist sleeper who plants a bomb and the Soviet spy who is looking for an inside story.

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