Spirituality in Action through David Cameron

December 12, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Spirituality comes in many forms, and often what seems foolhardy or foolish is discovered to be the course of goodness after all. Our dilemmas always have a spiritual basis and purpose, where we are called to choose between the instinct of our heart and the warnings of our mind; it is about doing what we know to be true or what we believe others want or expect of us - and sometimes it is we ourselves who place the expectation or desire. Recent events in the EU demonstrate this well, and you and I are witnesses.

David Cameron, as one of many examples, can be seen as brave, true to his principles and far-sighted or a political wrecker driven by domestic political imperatives. He is an intelligent man and, whatever the truth, his actions in withdrawing the UK from a new EU treaty were taken, no doubt, in clear awareness of the extremes of reaction that would arise. It is interesting to consider the karmic connections there may be between him, Merkel and Sarkozi (also perhaps Britain, Germany and France, countries which have always had a volatile relationship), and how the use of his veto will have re-balanced that karma. With one decision he has changed history and changed his soul journey, it cannot be otherwise.

Sometimes we need to do what we fear to do. Always we need, if we can, to listen to the voice within, the one that comes from God not the one that comes from the mind of the personality. When the latter occurs, as it does for us all from time to time, and we realise belatedly we have fallen into the human trap of self-doubt and fear of judgment, it helps to remember how much we have gained through the experience and to move on in equanimity. Whatever his motivation, whatever transpires from his actions, David Cameron has accelerated change while removing another brick from the human castle of the past. As such, probably without knowing it, he has demonstrated spirituality in action and helped the Plan of God.


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