Steve Jobs: “Death is the Destination…”

October 7, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

As he faced the prospect of dying from cancer, Steve Jobs made a speech about life and death, saying, “Death is the destination we all share………it is the single best invention of life.”

As he confronted his own mortality he was acknowledging his fears and, perhaps, writing his own epitaph while giving to the world one of the most important gifts of learning. He was saying that to be fearful as death approaches is understandable, but to remember that death is inevitable and is necessary  - he called it a clearing out, but I would call it a new beginning.

The key message of his address was that, in the knowledge that life is finite, we should do all we can to find and live our joy in this life which we have been given. We must not settle for second best but must love our work and our life, for thereby comes fulfilment and achievement. He was right.

He was speaking to university students when he spoke, young men and women looking forward to a successful professional life, his energy and passion surely inspirational to them. His words apply not just to people in the corporate world, however, but to everyone, for joy comes in many forms, often simple - the joy of a shepherd watching new-born lambs playing on a wind-swept mountain, of a mother committing herself to the welfare of her children, of a monk praying in the fastness of a remote monastery, of a music-lover hearing wonderful music. Even birds and animals know how to live in joy.

Steve Jobs has been described as a visionary, but he had a vision that went far beyond state of the art technology. He was an example of limitless thinking and self-belief, nothing was impossible and he wanted to share his gifts with the world. As he realised his destination with death yesterday, I suspect there was little fear in him, after all, but immense joy in his new beginning.


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