Technology taking us back to Atlantis

June 12, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

Atlantis, as you may know, was the great, flawed civilisation that followed Lemuria many thousands of years ago. Lemuria was one of the great exemplars of how Earth is a planet of balance, for in Lemuria there was an understanding and practice of co-operation with nature, of a community living in kindness where everything was shared, and where the concept of possession, desire, was unknown. Power was expressed through gentleness, and the community leaders were those who were the spiritual teachers and healers, though everyone was considered equal, each with their own unique and valuable gift to contribute. When Lemuria faded, taken over by the growing might of Atlantis, it was believed that their cherished precepts for life would be perpetuated by Atlanteans, and indeed for a time it was so, and for some Atlanteans they continued to be important though for others their growing technological advances ceased to be seen as tools to assist a peaceful way of life but as tools for power and wealth. Lemuria had been a society of balance, and Atlantis became one of polarisation. Our world is polarised too, caught between two extremes of materialism and altruism where some individuals are prepared to abuse people and nature for their own gain at whatever cost, and others are doing their valiant best to prevent the gross misuse of our planetary resources before it is too late. I wonder sometimes if, in my clarity of perception of the needs and dangers of the situation, I am failing to see an obvious truth that is known by world leaders and pundits and not by me as they continue to push us towards this increasing separation between nature and man using the weapon of technology. The separation lies not just between us and nature but between the powerful and the “ordinary”: the Prism scandal has revealed, embarrassingly for the American government, how immensely sophisticated systems have been used for years to spy on the public, gathering information that could one day be used against us, and there may be more going on to monitor our activities than we know yet. It is easy for governments to control us secretly, not just through Prism but through what is put in our drinking water and vaccines, for example – we just do not know, but it is time we did. And I am heartened that others think so too, as the bosses of Google, Facebook and Microsoft are calling for greater transparency as they see their companies implicated in the furore over the misuse of data. Truth will out, and more whistleblowers will appear to tell their tale; it is time and it is necessary if we are to avoid another Atlantean finale. [byline]  ]]>

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6 comments on “Technology taking us back to Atlantis”

  1. It appears that the question of union and Communion versus separation and isolation from the Truth are ever increasing poignant considerations for One and All.

  2. An unapproved strain of genetically engineered (GE) wheat has been found growing on a farm in Oregon. The finding now threatens US wheat exports as many countries do not permit the importation of GE wheat
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    And now the UK tries to impose our pesticide ridden wheat on other countries. Such a merry go round of passing the buck. When will we learn. Perhaps never. But when I see all the young people in my life I know they have a future and that there is an answer waiting - somewhere.

  3. G'day, Claire!
    I have two comments about your comments. First, what you describe about the social structure of Lemuria looks strikingly similar to that found with Australian Aborigines. Second, you may want to look up Chris Griscom's YouTube videos about Lemuria and Atlantis, as what she says in them about these two continents is also strikingly similar to what you describe. If you use the keywords 'Chris Griscom Lemuria Atlantis', you'll see what I mean.

    1. Thank you. It had not occurred to me but of course many of the traditional and ancient cultures like the Aborigines and perhaps the Hopi lived or live like Lemurians. I will look up Chris Griscom - I have not come across her before!

  4. I am only 17 ywars old. When I was a little girl I saw spirits. They were all nice but neglected to speak to me. I wasnt afraid at all. I loved seeing them. now that iam older, I dont see them anymore. But I feel them. I also see things.. whether its past, future or present. This isnt all I am capable of but I dont want to seem egotistical. I read your book Spiritual Wisdom because I felt a longing for a different world, I needed guidance. I feel out of place. Thank you soo much. I would also like to comment that I see a change coming soon, sooner than what is realized. The time of Lemuria will come again, but not before we suffer for our actions and cruelty. (Which is happening now)

    1. Thank you, Victoria. What an interesting post. I too see change coming soon, indeed it is under way now. I prefer to see it as learning from rather than suffering for our mistakes!

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