White-tailed Sea Eagles under Persecution in Scotland

June 14, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

learn that the tree in which they nested has been cut down just 5 days after these precious birds had laid eggs; it was a deliberate intent to destroy the nest and the birds. It was the first such nest in the east of Scotland for 150 years. [caption id="attachment_1266" align="alignleft" width="150"]red kite in Wales A safe red kite in Wales[/caption] It happens regularly that remarkable and scarce birds often only found in Scotland are found dead, shot or poisoned, and it is no coincidence that almost invariably there is a link with lands used for commercial shooting. Gamekeepers and landowners are known to dislike the larger birds which may take their game birds – never enough to make a difference, and bred to be shot down by wealthy heartless paying guests – and sometimes to take steps to ensure it does not happen, regardless of the law, the rarity value, and the cruelty. For years the police and the Scottish government have wrung their hands in apathy as influential shooting estate owners and farmers deny involvement and possibly protect the criminals, but now, at last, something may be done to reinforce the law and deter these wanton acts. As the landowners’ organisation, Scottish Land and Estates, defended its members yesterday, the Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse has promised to introduce new measures to prevent the persecution of birds of prey. Perhaps the white-tailed sea eagles will prove the tipping point, along with exasperated public opinion, and the Scottish wonders of nature will be given the protection they deserve. [byline]]]>

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3 comments on “White-tailed Sea Eagles under Persecution in Scotland”

  1. Claire,
    I'm struggling to find reliable information about this incident. It seems that the incident happened in January, so it seems hugely unlikely there would have been eggs in the nest, given that the earliest they lay is is early March ( Neither the RSPB, the Invermark Estate nor the Scottish Land and Estates mentioned anything about the existence of chicks in their official statements (, although secondary reports do suggest that the nest was being primed for eggs later on in the year.
    If you could tell me where you found out that there were eggs, that would be great. I sit on an occasionally uncomfortable fence, in that I do shoot, but am also an extremely keen bird watcher. However incidents like this are very black and white(tailed): this is a shocking crime and the Police need to get to the bottom of it soon, with the perpetrators prosecuted.
    Many Thanks,

    1. Thank you, Chris. I agree that there are different versions of what happened and of course the media has to be careful since the case is under investigation. However, my first source was a report on the Radio 4 PM programme last night which was more definitive than the BBC website, and on the Today programme this morning there was a statement in a news report that the eggs were 5 days old when the tree was felled. I know it does not accord with the given January date, but the statement was quite clear in its facts and it may be the date is inaccurate. I did not hear the main report so cannot say where the BBC got its information-there may be an interview on the Today website you can hear.
      The basic story of an attack on a sea eagle nest is not denied, eggs there or not: I am not shocked easily, but this incident appalled me. It is good it has been given prominence, for people need to know this sort of thing goes on.
      Thank you for taking the trouble to write. Good luck with the bird watching!

  2. With no pun whatsoever intended, my impression is that this is a foul business indeed. One has to wonder who is complicit in this crime, and also who has been protecting the perpetrators. As you are fond of saying, the truth will out.

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