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The Changing face of Democracy

August 3, 2016,
Claire Montanaro

public channelling I recorded yesterday, the Masters speaking through me responded interestingly to a question on democracy. “Is democracy the future?” They talked of how true democracy, epitomised and practised in Lemuria, for example, has in recent history been changed to serve the interests of the political class and other influencers, and that it does not exist as an ideal or a reality any more in a world where most countries are divided by wealth, values, self-interest and prejudice, and where the voice of the people goes unheard. The noble precept of democracy has been corrupted, but the ongoing fragmentation of the global status quo will result in the resurgence of a new system of democracy based on what we knew in ancient in times. The message overall from the channelling was one of hope and optimism about our future: the ride to reach it may be a bit bumpy, but there is much we each of us can do to make the journey easier and quicker. It is true that by being true to our own principles, by being clear about the sort of world we want, by not being passive about achieving it, we can do much to bring about the positive changes we need so much. The new democracy is the heart and the manifestation of our new world, and its time is now. It is personal as well as external, in you as well as around you, and you have a responsibility for its inception and its enactment too. The signs of the crumbling of an increasingly discredited democracy are visible in the UK, where the Brexit vote laid bare the wounds of a divided, disillusioned society and where the traditional political system is teetering; in the US where the aptly named Democratic National Committee has been exposed for collusion, bias, and dirty tricks and where Congress itself is infamous for blatant patronage serving self-interest;  in France where the extent of terrorist violence has shown up the deep divisions and sense of exclusion, impotence and unfairness that exists in some communities; and  in Turkey, where an authoritarian regime more and more is inhibiting free speech and liberty in its crackdown against dissenters. Look anywhere in the world - where is true democracy? You may wish to thank about what real democracy means for you, creating in your mind the vision of your country and your world held together by a set of universal values that benefit everybody. The ways of Lemurian living - sharing, giving, contributing with kindness and generosity at its heart - can apply to the new world perfectly, given the will and the vision to make it happen. Your intent for a new democracy counts and it will make a difference. Will you give it a chance?     [byline]]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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