The Cosmic Source of Gold on Earth

September 23, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

The cosmic source of  gold found on Earth is, earth scientists maintain, from meteorites that bombarded our planet – and our moon - many millions of years ago, creating an abundance of this precious and still revered metal. An excellent report by the BBC is not only a succinct explanation of how Earth was formed and of the influence of outer space in creating the components necessary for life on earth, but, unintentionally, gives credence to the ancient myths about the gods who helped the seeding of Earth and who brought with them gold, a source of power in every sense to be used by them and the future priest-kings in extraordinary ways. The gold, transmuted or pure, was used to heal and to prolong life; to be an energy source which could fuel vehicles and spacecraft,  move mountains and build pyramids; and to be the conduit to the realms of Spirit. In gold lies the secret of many of the mysteries of history, and, when the ability to transform the solidity of gold into its essence is re-discovered, the nature and use of power will be changed, totally. cosmic source of gold on earthFor now, gold is seen as a beautiful commodity which reflects the state of the financial markets in the moment, but its deeper value is suspected by some at least: it is no coincidence that recent years have seen a major manipulation of the trade in gold by those who seek to deter the development of its use as a power source, and by those who wish to use to use it as a weapon for their own subjective purposes. Gold has been sought and fought for always, and its origins as a gift from the gods to heal and help have been long forgotten. In the end, the cosmic source of gold on Earth is God, who gave us the choice of what to do with this most precious and powerful metal, given to us through meteorites, and does so still. Gold is far more than something to wear or to barter, and, when we remember this, then we can actualise its true value, and use it to help the Planet, and ourselves.   [byline]]]>

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