The Crystal Sunstone – Manifestation of a Viking Myth

November 2, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

In Nordic mythology a rare and special crystal sunstone guided the Vikings across the seas to North America and elsewhere on their epic journeys. It was known as the Viking compass.

Until recently, the idea that such crystals existed and were used as navigational tools was derided. However, now researchers have discovered that sunstones, through their ability to polarise light, can reveal the position of the sun even in bad weather: by holding the specially cut crystals up to the sky the Vikings could find the sun in the sky and so set their course safely. The myth has been proven to be true.

Sunstone crystals are associated with moonstones, and represent abundance and protection which are perfect qualities for a stone so connected to the sun. When polished they have great beauty even though they are little known or regarded. My respect for crystals in all forms has increased even further today as I learned about the evidence just published.

I have been wondering, too, about other myths and how much truth lies behind them also. The emblem of my home country of Wales is the Welsh dragon, and local legend claims that dragons roamed the moors and mountains here until as recently as 40 years ago. It would not surprise me if this were true, and nor would it surprise me if one day evidence of a dragon-like creature living in our sacred wilderness were found again.

However unlikely it may sound, try to keep an open mind when you hear of myth and legend and if you doubt remember the ancient tales of the crystal sunstone, now proven to have been the tool and saviour of many great Viking warriors, and perhaps others besides.]]>

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