The Delhi Games and Community Awareness

September 24, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

For countries that are not in the Commonwealth, the debacle over the imminent Games in Delhi may be of passing interest only, but in fact they give food for thought for us all. 

Much has been said about Indian efficiency, intent, standards of hygiene and building, also endemic corruption, and certainly the problems which threaten the viability of the Games indicate a massive cultural gulf between India and western countries.  This is not bad necessarily, and indeed it would be a pity as well as boring if all the countries in the world abandoned their individuality to conform to the same norm. 

However, what we have seen in the past few days is evidence that, despite its comparative economic prosperity and commercial success India is still a place of great inequality with much to learn about community consciousness and compassion - and it is these qualities which should be the accepted universal standard. The organisers have assembled a workforce of men, women and children who are being made to work at least 12 hour days for about £2.00 daily in terrible conditions probably without thanks. How can they put heart and soul into creating something for Delhi to be proud of before the world in such circumstances?

Meanwhile, the Indian government and those organisers have shown little consideration either for the thousands of athletes and other representatives coming to their home land for what is, for many of them, the experience of a lifetime for which they have been preparing for years. Where is the honour and welcome for their foreign guests in providing facilities that are  dirty or dangerous?

The Board of the Commonwealth Games was generous when it gave India the chance to showcase its country, but the generosity has not been reciprocated so far. It may be yet. These events highlight the contrast between what a strong authoritarian government like China can do with the Beijing Olympics and the achievements of a young democracy possibly dominated by subjective interest. In their own ways, both countries have achieved great commercial success, the one with the direct help of a determined government and the other through a vibrant private sector, but both countries have a questionable approach to human rights.

Many people have been shocked by what they have seen about conditions in Delhi because of the problems that have come to light to do with the Games. What was hidden has been exposed. Despite their hard life, the men and women of India are proud of their country and mortified by the public criticisms of the land they love. It would be wonderful if the exposure will encourage the authorities there to serve better their community, both their own people and the wider world beyond.

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