The heat of Earth, the fire of the Sun - perfect balance

April 29, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

In this age of Light, all new truth deserves study for its deeper meaning, and so it is is today as we learn that the centre of Earth is far hotter than had been known before: it is the same temperature, 6000C, as the surface of the Sun.

Scientists call this important knowledge since it will help their understanding of matters such as earthquakes and magnetic fields, but they are interested in the fact rather than its deeper significance. I find it fascinating that the fire of the Sun above us is replicated in this way in what lies beneath us, two blazing suns in perfect balance with you and me in between them, each in their own way supporting life on Earth and without which our Planet would be very different.
Far beneath our feet, the central core of Earth is hot crystalline iron surrounded by liquid while the heart of the Sun, despite being made largely of hydrogen and helium, includes heavy metals too though not in as defined or substantial a form as in Earth. I wonder if and how far the elements in the one attract (or repel) those in the other? And how they impact us?
The fires above and beneath us have immense power and the potential to generate enormous, free energy. The heat of the Sun and the Planet itself are used modestly so far, and it is such a waste that these gifts available to us now are largely spurned in favour of processes which are costly and complicated and which damage Gaia inexcusably - but which profit the few well. The knowledge exists, but the will to change an embedded culture of exploitation does not.
Meanwhile, in the depths of Earth there is fire and it is tended constantly by its female guardian whose task it is to keep it alight always, for if it dies, Gaia dies too. The fire flickers, burns and blazes in accordance with humanity's treatment of Her, and we can see its state by looking at the world we create constantly through our actions, and seeing clearly what we do. The solar fire burns too, continually, seemingly regardless of us - but in its own way it responds to how we treat its Planetary counterpart; if we unbalance the fire within, the Sun will rebalance accordingly, regardless of how we feel about it. The well-being of Gaia is all-important, the self-interest of Man is not.
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