The Master of Aquarius, Speaking on the British Storms

February 9, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Living as I do in the heart of Wales, in the mid-point, where the tempest was not supposed to reach, I found myself in the heart of the storm too. So many people have suffered so much for weeks in other parts of the UK, and it was fair that others too should feel the message of the weather as well. So it was that my home and land were battered all day and all night by heavy winds and driving rains, extraordinary torrents that caused power cut after power cut, sad birds, and ponds brimming to the point of danger. British stormI was fortunate in that the waters stayed outside my home: inside it was like a sandwich, with the peace of having no electricity enveloped by the roar of wind and drum of rain, everywhere, and the feel of the elements of nature permeated every nook and cranny. The lights went off again, for a third time, in the early evening, and after lighting candles we watched the dark night and listened to the sound of nature uninterrupted by anything man-made. Unable to cook, supper was bread and honey by the fire and it was lovely. Somehow, we – my husband and I – decided to do a shamanic journey together, on this night of wild-life: the intention was to go with our Power Animals to meet the Master of Aquarius, and to ask him about the storms over Britain. Off we went, separately, and while I went to the stars and he went under water, we received the same message. The Master, a tall, thin being with grey beard and hair wearing a turquoise robe, said, austerely, that, as the new Age of Aquarius was getting under way, it Master of Aquariuswas necessary to cleanse the Earth of the energy of Pisces and it was being achieved in different ways in different parts of the world: for the UK it is being done through wind and cleansing water, while in other parts it is being achieved through fire. There will be more, for there is much energy of the Old Age to purge. He pointed to a golden path leading upwards through the stars, which is our destiny. Because the same message was doubly given, I am doubly sure it was true. Moving from one era to another, one cycle to another can be tricky at the best of times, and the present transition away from the past and to our new future must, because of its importance, be demonstrably memorable. This time of great British storms will not be forgotten; remember, meanwhile, the reassuring words of the Master of Aquarius – and who better is there to speak on watery matters?


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