The Point in being Human

December 13, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

The point of being part of the human race is to learn how to bring that part of us which is of Spirit into everything we think, feel, say or do in our everyday life. 

It is only when we are able to combine the sublimity of the internal with the external seamlessly that as individuals, as a race and as a world we can achieve what is known as ascension. It is not easy, indeed, it is our greatest challenge, and it carries with it great responsibility for upon it depends the well-being of all life in all forms on our beautiful but abused planet.

For many of us, the pressures of living are exacerbated, or indeed created, by a mind which distracts us constantly with thoughts, memories and emotions to such an extent that it is impossible to sense even momentarily the beingness at the core of us. This beingness is Spirit, a spark of the divine which links us with everything, everywhere and which never dies. It is our purpose to find it, feel it and to live it, to enable it to permeate all we do.

Imagine how it would be if millions of people lived like this? Everyday people living everyday lives but lives in which the Light of who they are shone through, illuminating everything, with no ego, just being themselves in peace without desire, attachment, covetousness, anger, doubts and fears?

Look at yourself right now: if you feel tension, emotion or notice mental chatter, just take a few deep breaths then step away from it, see it for what it is and let it all go - and see how different you feel as you experience your beingness.

Imagine a world where being permeated doing. You can take any example - the awarding of the latest Nobel Peace prize perhaps: the actions of the Chines authorities were based, it appears, on anger, fear, issues of power and control all deriving from a reactive or anticipatory mental process. Meanwhile, their target,Liu Xiaobo, by contrast displayed exemplary compassion, acceptance and serenity which has impressed many people. He is in his being and that being is the driver for all his doing. If the Chinese had been in their beingness too, the situation and outcome of that situation would be very different. One day they will be so. 

Look at any negative scenario anywhere and see how far the heart of those involved is overwhelmed by the mind-based need to do, and the damage it causes. If you can, reflect on how it could be different. For yourself, however you choose to do it, connect with yourself periodically; feel the life within you, the space around you, hear the stillness, watch your breath, notice your thoughts and your ego and let them go.

Be aware, notice, accept and be. Let all the beauty of what is unmanifested within you be present in your human reality, visible for all to see. That is your future - that is your present.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.


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