The Soul Journey of Osama bin Laden

May 9, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

When a soul becomes lost, totally lost, it cannot return to Earth.

It is rare for a soul to reach this state of no return and will happen only if, in its last incarnation, its human vehicle shows no spark of compassion at any time in that lifetime. When this happens it is clear that the soul is so filled with darkness that there is no possibility of finding the light, and the Lords of Karma (which decide who, how and when individuals reincarnate) along with its patient and sad guides release the soul to a dimension unknown to most of us, where it will stay forever.

This question was asked of me, following my blog on the death of the dark Master, Osama bin Laden:

I read once that when an extremely evil person dies, their soul reincarnates immediately (like tossing a boomerang). The author of that statement believed that mass murderers etc should have to live out their lives in prison, thus delaying their return as another evil soul on earth. I found this concept difficult to believe, as I believe we all have choice as to when we return. And hopefully a soul will learn from one life and be changed in the next. Can you comment please.

We do not know how evil bin Laden was, but reports say that he was a gentle, courteous man who loved his family. Despite his apparently twisted morality I feel he is not a lost soul but one who has taken the lessons, which we all have to learn at some point on our journey about the darker side of life, to an extreme which was not intended. Thereby he has incurred much negative karma which will take many lifetimes to release.

It is not true that all “evil” people reincarnate immediately: for some it may be aeons, while certain highly evolved souls with important work to do may return within months. Whenever it is, it is likely that bin Laden’s next incarnation will be a further learning about the nature of darkness, either as a perpetrator again or as a receiver or a crusader against it, and will be an opportunity to clear his karma and accrue light to his soul, if he chooses to take it.

Ultimately no human being can change a decision by the Karmic Lords about a soul’s path. If a murderer is put in prison for his crimes and is not, spiritually, meant to be there, something will happen to release him, perhaps through illness or being murdered himself by another inmate. Whatever the judgment about the killing of this unarmed terrorist in Pakistan, there is no doubt, at a higher level, it was meant to happen as it did, with consequences and teaching for us all.


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