The Stonehenge Discoveries and Silbury Hill

July 22, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

In view of the new discoveries at Stonehenge announced today, I thought you might like to read some information that was channelled to me a few years ago about Silbury Hill, for I believe it has relevance.  Here it is, as it came through to me:

"There is much misunderstanding about this noble monument to the stars. Myths perpetuate, many erroneous if well meaning, but the truth is both complex and simple. The origins are older than any would dream of now. This area was used as sacred space at least one thousand years before the estimates of man. In this time the people used the ground for sacrificial ritual, in honour of the gods they revered then. This was not always very kindly done, and indeed it involved at times of great significance the sacrifice of women and children, even little boys and babies died – for this was the way then, and it was believed that to give the most innocent in society was the greatest homage they could pay to the deities they revered.

Also, at this time and in this place, ritual took place to do with the forces of darkness, invoking and using powers and practices that were both dangerous and very base. Much harm was done for a short period of time due to this.

As the people there, over a period of hundreds and even thousands of years became more sophisticated in their understanding of the interaction between their world – also still your world – and the great cosmic forces, so this was translated practically, and great observatories were built in different parts of the world to monitor planetary and stellar activity, and sometimes to harness the knowledge and power vested within, certainly to learn. And Silbury Hill was just one of these astronomical observatories, but a most important one.

From this place the people could gauge from the movements of the planets how their activity would affect their world. They could identify times that would be auspicious, detrimental, times of storms and tempests, times for celebration.

This place too was like a magnetic grid system. From here could be known all the patterns of earth energy for many miles beyond, enabling the precise calculation of where and how to place the sacred sites situated on this land now.

This place was like a humming electricity station. Not only was it revered for the powers and secrets held within and vested in it, but those men and women who  worked there, who had this great honour, the special abilities to do this work, they were the bridge between heaven and earth, Man and God if you will. So, only those who were true of heart and known for their honour were chosen for this great work. And see what they brought forth! Do you not marvel? Are you not awed?

Those who read Our words may understand and remember a little of the complexity of what I have described. Some of you were there, and if you recall, then let your hearts swell with pride. We loved you then for what you did for love of God, and thank you still. For those who toss your heads as you dismiss what you hear from Us, saying “it cannot be proven, therefore it is not so”, to you We say, be not so sceptical. Silbury will never give up its secrets in your lifetime.

However, there are those among you, those who were there, who will indeed remember what they knew so long ago and did so magnificently. If you have the will, you may re-awaken the spirit of Silbury in your work for Us now. There is much to be done. Let this vast magnetic grid of Spirit throb again as it did once before in the honour of God and for His glory. And then the mighty spirit of Silbury Hill, which sleeps now, will awaken and laugh with joy."

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.


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