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Wolf Moon, Clan Moon

January 23, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
Wolf Moon,Clan Moon
As time races forward to synchronise with an Earth that spins ever faster, each day has a corresponding significance and each week is like an era in itself, challenging and teaching as it moves in tandem with the stars.

The week to come is remarkable for bringing to us the gift of the Wolf Full Moon on Thursday.  The name is ascribed to the native American Indians who, long ago, heard the howl of wolves more loudly in cold, snowy January than at any other time and gave their name to the moon: they cry to call other wolves to them in order to form their pack, their clan and to create familial bonds.  They howl also to identify and defend their territory from attack or claim.  We have much in common with them.

This Wolf Full Moon on Thursday is in Aquarius, the visionary air sign that is the hallmark of the new age that is manifesting on Earth and which highlights community values in the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness, not so far from now.  Jupiter continues his influence upon the cosmos meanwhile, and upon each of us also, calling us to remember our clan, to connect with friends and family and to celebrate life but with an awareness of social responsibility and values. Remember, importantly, our clan includes animals too.

Through the Wolf, the Moon, through Aquarius and through Jupiter the message is clear and strong: this is the time to think of others and to share with others in the spirit of love, charity and protection.

Evidence of this spiritual and worldly ethos is all around us, in personal and collective challenge and in opportunity.  President Biden is calling the divided American clans to unite together as one, emphasising the importance of family and fairness, equality and global responsibility.  As he does so, by contrast some people in many places are hoarding food, using money or other means to jump the queue for a COVID vaccine or treatment, and are disregarding the guidelines on masks, socialising and distancing that protect their community.  Few Western world leaders seem inclined to share their prized vaccine supplies with countries that are desperately poor and in need of our help to protect their people. 

While we have our personal clan, we are part of a global clan also: the destitute are part of us, they are our family.  Biden may not succeed in uniting America and we may not be able to help everyone in need, but nothing will happen if we each of us do not try to assist and include, to protect our own wherever they are, whoever they are near or far, like the wolves that howl in January.

The Wolf Moon in Aquarius will rise in the shadow of Mercury as he begins his backward journey two days later.  Mercury is another visionary air sign, encouraging us to think and ponder, to reflect upon the world, on the coming age and our part in it.  While we may be especially aware of our clan network at this time of the Wolf, it may be wise to keep communications simple and focused, avoiding the incessant demands of technology and news media as the Winged Messenger plays games with technology and with us. 

One way or another, seen or unseen, human clans are gathering just as wolves are gathering together too this month.  Soul clans are busy also, working to heal the past and prepare the future for the clan of the returning Christ.  It may be that your key clan is far bigger than you could ever imagine, and that it is one that is forever.



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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