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Mercury in the Dark

February 6, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
love comes in many forms….
Reminders of the mysteries of life and death are all around always, particularly now as the lively planet of communication, Mercury, is close and strong as he continues his backwards shadowy dance and Mother Moon is at her darkest as she awaits her new lunar birth.

The combination of these events means we are in a personal Underworld where the mystical side of us is prominent and we have the opportunity to confront our inner demons, seeing them for what they are with honesty and acceptance.  Mercury with his impish side to the fore can make this difficult as he strives, like Puck, to deceive and make mischief, and this phase that we are in can be a struggle.

To know that Mercury is in reverse can cause us to expect problems with self-expression, technology, or contracts and indeed the fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than a chance to recognise and benefit from the opportunities that he brings as he heightens our sensitivity and awareness and gives us information and ideas to help us on our human and spiritual journey.  It can be forgotten that Mercury governs the psychic realms, and it is the special thinning of the dimensional veils through him and the lunar dark that can be the cause of much of our discomfort at this time.

Meanwhile the Moon Goddess calls us, inviting us to enter her realms of mystery and magic as she prepares for her light to emerge once again on Thursday.  She is not a trickster, like Mercury, but, like Mercury when retrograde, her influence heightens our intuition and calls us inwards, inviting us to be and not do, to ponder not act, to accept and not judge.  She is calm and dignified, profoundly wise and truly magnificent in her austere aloofness, unlike her antithesis in the volatility and mischievousness of Mercury.

We may choose which qualities of each, Mercury and Moon, we wish to focus upon, for it is always about choice.  We do not have to be beguiled or deceived; instead we can see this as a precious time in which to concentrate on inner growth and the nearness of Spirit, of preparation for the next phase of our life, and of revelation.  This can be a time to thank Mercury and not to curse him, and to enjoy the blessings of being in the dark.

Being in the dark does not mean hiding away from the realities of life , meanwhile, nor from seeing what is happening and observing the new life that is promised in the darkness and confusion of these times.  Despite the sense of endless winter, here where I live in the Welsh mountains the birds are calling for mates and territory, tentative nest building is beginning and the red kites are paired up and courting.  For them life goes on, for them the phases of the moon and the movement of the planets are as natural as breathing.

Slowly we are starting to regain the sense of harmony and oneness with the stars that we used to have and which wildlife has never lost.  If we allow it, at this time of the dark of the moon we can appreciate fully the perfection of darkness and we can feel the presence of Spirit.  There are no visual distractions to obscure the heightened vibration, nor the intensity of the secret world we are privileged to share for just a brief period of time.  



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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