Words of Power

April 28, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Words, about which I wrote yesterday, can also be powerful in their own right because of the combination of sound, vibration, resonance and meaning.

It is why the use of certain mantras can change energy quite dynamically, particularly when spoken in a group setting and in a sacred place, but even on our own the “right” word as part of a meditation or contemplation can deepen the spiritual connection and strengthen the outcome. For example, if you are creating a thought form or vision in your mind, to say “so be it” (or “Amen”) when you have completed your work for that time will seal your intent and commit it to Spirit. Speaking your soul name links you to your divine purpose immediately, and addressing your guides and Master directly using your soul name and theirs enhances the channel of communication between you immensely.

Esotericists recommend the use of OM and AUM as words of power, but I have never been very comfortable with them. I try anyway to refrain from using such words and phrases unless there is something of profundity which merits such use, because to employ them frequently for comparatively minor matters dissipates their power and weakens them.

If you find yourself wishing to express a prayer or invocation that is important to you, you may wish to say, at the start, “In the name of God…….” and end with “So be it”. Try it: it will strengthen it greatly and strengthen you also as you include God in your work and in your life.


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