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A World of Mystery, or a World in Flux

June 24, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

Never have the worlds seemed so far apart, the magnificent, awesome, constant and infinite world of the Cosmos that so often is ignored in favour of a world dominated by mental chatter and materialism, strife and judgment, violence and limitation. It is extraordinary that the majority of the human race chooses the latter over the former – and it is not through ignorance. The Right ChoiceScientists, doctors, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, environmentalists and other people of prescience are warning us continuously about the importance of recognising that the well-being of humanity and the Planet depends upon our respect for and co-operation with the delicate balance of nature, and that if we do not focus with full attention upon the rebalancing of Earth, then we could become extinct along with the many other planetary partners that are being driven out, by us. This the most serious issue for centuries, however, is being ignored by the leaders who have the responsibility to correct our mistakes – and time is running out. It feels unreal, almost unbelievable that an attitude prevails still that everything is alright, that society, values and lifestyle will continue as they always have done, even as there is an uninvited huge mass movement of people from one part of the world to another; as the EU very publicly falls apart because of Greece, the Euro, immigration, and a crisis over identity and governance; as America’s racial and societal tensions are exposed most cruelly; as extreme religious fundamentalists decimate the Middle East and beyond; and as a greedy population explodes, demanding more and more from an earth with limited, increasingly scarce resources. This is the world we seem to have chosen, one of illusion and blindness, and indeed of danger. It is like being in the most beautiful place you know, but ignoring the view in favour of reading your phone, for the alternative world is incredibly wonderful, and available to us all - still. We enter it through connecting with the skies and the light, the moon and the stars, the waters and the rocks, the birds and the trees, through silence and stillness of mind, through kindness to everything and a lifestyle that is undemanding in its simplicity. The more we cultivate these habits, the more we bring peace into our lives and change to a world in flux. The more we enter this world of mystery, the more we will realise how much more there is to life, and that the world of Spirit is both close to hand, and easily accessible. For me, there is no choice. [byline]]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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4 comments on “A World of Mystery, or a World in Flux”

  1. oh yes indeed, I'm totally with you on that one, the choice has been made quite naturally, leading to peace, inside at least and hopefully soon outside too!

  2. G'day, Claire!
    Perhaps it is wise to recall the Tibetan Book of the Dead and recall the issues with which we came into incarnation. Perhaps if more people were *dying* to read it, . . .

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