Alps Plane Crash: Bright Lights Leaving Earth

March 26, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

We have a lot of information now about what happened to the Germanwings aircraft on Tuesday, and as a result you, like me, may have imagined what it must have been like to be on the plane as it made its terrifying descent towards a range of huge mountains, for 8 minutes: assuming they were not unconscious, the passengers and crew must have known a tragedy was imminent and that the likelihood of survival was poor. It was a desperate, terrible situation, and it will be haunting for their loved ones, who may relive the scenario in their imagination over and over again. [caption id="attachment_2856" align="alignright" width="265"]French Alps French Alps (JR Cozens)[/caption] Statistics will be presented to prove that air travel is one of the safest forms of transport in existence, and that your chances of being killed in an accident are very low, but that is not reassuring always when you are touched and shocked by the catastrophe that struck the Airbus 320. Any person who travels by air will have thought “It could have been me. Could it be me?” In order to get the situation into perspective, it helps to remember that we choose the nature and the manner of our death even before we are born, and that while a death may seem unexpected to the conscious, human mind, in fact at the level of the soul it will be otherwise. So, if a road or air crash provides the release that is needed for you, you will find yourself on a plane or in a car at the perfect time and place to fulfil the contract you have made. The human is unaware of it, but the Spirit within is not. This philosophy does not encourage us to take unnecessary risks! Pragmatism and common sense in life are important, and we have a responsibility to care for the body that is the vehicle for the soul. It means, though, that if you fly or drive or climb mountains, you may do so in the confidence that all is very likely to be well, and if something happens, then it is for a reason. The souls on board the flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf will know this now. For those who mourn them, it will be of little comfort to know there was a reason for their loss. One day some of them may understand, and see this bigger picture, but meanwhile, I grieve for them in their pain. Bright lights have left Earth, but they will return.   [byline]  ]]>

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