Coulson: Subjectivity versus National Interest?

September 9, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

Once again here in the UK parts of the media and certain politicians are behaving like a badly behaved pack of hounds in pursuit of a fox that may or may not exist. 

It has been unedifying to watch the recent attempts to tarnish key individuals in order to destabilise the coalition government, without consideration for the well-being of those involved nor, perhaps, for the truth behind the stories or its importance. In particular, the hounding of William Hague and now Andy Coulson seems to be more for political impact, revenge for electoral defeat and issues of corporate competition, power and control without regard for the wider repercussions of  their actions. It is cynical and heartless, and not in the country's interests.

Our political world seems sadly out of balance at the moment, as MPs debate and revisit subjective events of years ago in a frenzy of judgment and resistance to the simple facts while economies throughout the world become increasingly fragile and social unrest on a large scale becomes a possibiilty. Millions of people fear unemployment and hardship, and yet MPs are focused on discovering if their mobile phones were tapped in the past. It is a time for vision and positive, united action for the national good, not petty point-scoring for personal or political gain.

I am not writing as an advocate for any party, and I know I am not alone in my views. Do the "hounds" not realise that the majority of the British people just do not care if am MPs name and phone number was on a list somewhere, but that they do care about the welfare of their country?


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