Donald Trump, Nostradamus’ Brawler

February 3, 2017,
Claire Montanaro

At such times, there has been “upheaval, confusion and cataclysm, preceding reconstruction, stabilisation and relative quiet” (Alice Bailey) and her esoteric predecessor Helena Blavatsky wrote too of the karmic disturbance of the axis that has produced periodical deluges and glacial periods – metaphorically as well as physically. The Planet is shaking, moving and changing, and we are feeling the effects; the strong karmic legacy we have created over thousands of years is demonstrating itself forcibly now. Nostradamus_by_LemudMany people are aware of the imminence, or reality, of change, and even the most cynical speak of it even if it is to dismiss it in the hope it will not happen. Explanations are given and avoidance measures sought to maintain the status quo, such as dealing with climate change, modernising democracy, and “listening to the people”. They do not see that fundamental change is unavoidable, and that their attitude to life needs to change too if the karmic legacy they, we, have created is to be redeemed. Nostradamus predicted in the sixteenth century that The Brawler would appear to turn the world upside down, and to usher in a major new world order. This disrupter is Donald Trump, accompanied by his ally Nigel Farage, both of whom have torn apart the establishment and forced us to confront some unpalatable truths about, for example excessive control by the EU, the silencing of unheard majorities, the contribution of the UN and the flaws of NATO. President Trump, certainly, wreaks havoc and creates world-wide antagonism as he overturns the established order, and much of what he does is not likeable. Through his words and actions, however, and our reactions to them, Trump gives us reminders of human flaws and blindness, and how to be and how not to be. He is not always kind and fair, but he is not always treated fairly either. He may be the Brawler predicted by Nostradamus, but the disruption and violence blamed on him is not just from him. We have a responsibility for the future of the world too and its peace.   [byline]]]>

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4 comments on “Donald Trump, Nostradamus’ Brawler”

  1. yes,great post.....i`m fed up with peoples obsession re Trump.....not a day passes without at least somebody speaking about his shortcomings etc etc...FACT people cant stand change they would rather put up with same old stuff than experience everything different....bring it on!! Lets wait & see before we judge......spirit /and or God has a hand in this so i`m trusting was taught to get on with life...all Maya & we dont know the greater plan & its not for us to try to navigate the oceans

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