The Mystery of our Expanding Universe

January 27, 2017,
Claire Montanaro

The discovery challenges Einstein’s theory of relativity, and questions the role of dark matter, of dark energy, and even dark radiation. As Stuart Clark has written in the Guardian, “[The] results confirm that what has started as a niggle has grown into a full-blown problem for cosmology. Put simply, our picture of the Universe does not add up and that means there is probably something fundamental we have not yet understood.” expanding universeThere is a growing acceptance that we need to acknowledge how limited our knowledge of the cosmos is, and that a new physics is waiting to be discovered to explain - if ever it can – how the Universe works and our place in it. It is the opportunity for open-minded scientists to take seriously the place of spiritual energy in the workings of the mysterious world beyond us, and how that world drives our planet and all that inhabit it. Despite all the sophisticated telescopes and data, we know so little. Just as we learn about this rapid and unexpected expansion of the Universe, it is no coincidence that the Royal Institution has organised an event on 1st February called “Spirits in the ether: Oliver Lodge and the physics of the spirit world.” Oliver Lodge was an early 20th Century physicist who spearheaded a scientific project to prove the existence of a spirit world. A controversial figure, he was both respected and ridiculed for his belief in spirituality and his desire to prove it through physics. It is time for other pioneers like Oliver Lodge to bring together the worlds of science and of spirit, for each supports the other. The higher dimensions, the home of spirit, are vastly complex structures operating through different energetic forces that make current scientific knowledge look like a fairy story. Our forefathers, however, knew about these other worlds and how our lives depend on them. The whole truth about the workings of the Universe is impossible for our limited minds to grasp, though future scientific discovery will indicate how little we know and how our approach to exploring the mysteries of the cosmos has been so wrongly focused. The clues are there, and people, at last, are starting to notice. It is time.     [byline]]]>

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