Doping: setting an example at the Olympics

July 31, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

The Chinese gold-medallist has denied that her “unbelievable” performance was assisted by drugs, but some remain sceptical still. Whether it is true or not in her case, the fact that any competitor in the Olympics should choose to enhance their performance in this way is a pity; fortunately the process of drug-testing is more rigorous and efficient than in past games and the likelihood of discovery is a major deterrent to the majority of athletes. The Olympics originated as a religious as much as a sporting event, and the winners were immortalised for their qualities of purity and integrity as well as their prowess. We see this still in the great athletes of our own age, those who have become legends like Muhammed Ali, Jesse Owens or Jack Nicklaus: they became examples to the world for their values and standards of fair play, and more will come forward. Those men and women who try to gain advantage by changing their nationality or taking performance-enhancing drugs, or who refuse to sing the national anthem for the country they are representing, will never become a legend – or will be so for unfortunate reasons, like Lance Armstrong. A lasting memory for me of the magnificent Olympic Opening Ceremony is of the young unknown athletes who ran through the Stadium to light the Olympic Flame: they were slim, fit, energetic and energised, wonderful examples to all of us who were watching, and particularly to children, who may be encouraged to emulate them. That is the legacy of these Games, not doping scandals or self-centred extremes of competitiveness – which, happily, is in the minority. For most, happily, the Olympic ideal lives on.]]>

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