Dreams, Moons, and Power

March 27, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Dreams, moons and power come together. The findings will be unsurprising to the many of us who have been aware of the power of the moon and its influence on our world, for years: indeed, when I heard a report on this “discovery” today my first reaction was to wonder why it was considered so newsworthy when we have known for so long about the moon’s effect on tides, moods  cycles – and dreams. My second reaction was to reflect on the power of the moon in all her phases, not just the full moon, a subject unrecognised in these studies but deserving attention too. [caption id="attachment_2494" align="alignright" width="200"]Dreams and Moons Dreams and Moons[/caption] Regular readers of my blogs will know that it is my custom to walk in the lanes and grounds around my home in the mountains of Wales before I go to bed. Sometimes the night skies are so bright and clear with starlight and moonlight that I can see the smallest detail of what is around me, while on other nights it is as if I am enveloped in a cloak of deepest, impenetrable, blackness that even a torch cannot touch. The conditions depend on the phase of the moon, but she does not work alone: at times she is assisted by the stars, often too the weather, and she may feel close or distant, friendly or challenging, secretive or informative. Always, however, she affects me, even when she is invisible. I have noticed that the influence of the moon is increasing in these times of change, and from my own experience and hearing what is happening to others, it is clear that she is using our time for sleeping and dreaming as an opportunity for us to release what has long been hidden, a lunar de-cluttering and re-alignment which is strongest when she is closest to Earth but which can occur in any moon phase. Connecting with her before we prepare for sleep, whether it is on a walk or through a window, will enhance her power to help us change, always for the good. It is the new moon on Sunday, coincidentally very close to the time when, in Britain, summertime begins, and the day when mothers are celebrated. Whatever you choose to do on any other day of the year, you may wish to honour Mother Moon on this day - her rebirth, her gifts, and her power to help you dream, and to change. It is her day, too.


 Here is an article I wrote on the Dark of the Moon, and how to honour it.   [byline]  ]]>

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