Electro Magnetic Pulse: a Prophecy Confirmed?

May 16, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

It sounds boring, but in fact the subject is of great importance to all of us, for it is about the use of nuclear devices by terrorists to trigger, through an EMP, an explosion above the earth’s atmosphere which would disable all technology. We could be without energy for months, even years. Channellings by different seers in recent years have predicted this possibility and so I was not surprised to hear it confirmed by the security specialists this week. My belief, though, is that it may not be terrorists who precipitate such an event, but activity from solar flares, for example, which will do so. Nature will play its part, as it always does. What is ironic is that there are cheap and easy means to insulate the power infrastructure from the impact of an EMP, but no-one seems interested in pursuing this course of action. Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the Royal United Services Institute has acknowledged that a destructive EMP is plausible but "not top of the risk list". It could be very interesting and indeed salutary to live without power and technology for a while but a world without the constant hum from equipment and the internet that is indispensible for many people could be disconcerting in the extreme. What would you do without it? Ask yourself, and imagine…….and don’t discount the prophets!]]>

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