GM Crops and the Balance of Nature

March 29, 2012,
Claire Montanaro

Other people and I also have talked about the dangers of interfering with nature, of how the modified grains will be impossible to contain in their restricted areas, and of the impact on human health and on the environment, and I believe still these are significant considerations. This latest trial will involve adding a chemical pheromone to each grain which will repel the aphid pests which can damage crops - putting another chemical onto fields already sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. It is like taking a healthy patient with a cut healing nicely through bathing with water and letting the air reach it, and instead of letting nature do its work, layering the cut with different toxic salves in the hope one of them will work, but instead causing such irritation to the wound that the patient becomes badly infected. Weeds and aphids have their natural predators, but this is ignored in the quest for huge, perfect crops grown for greatest profit. The arguments used to support the use of GM crops is that with a growing population the world needs more food, but the real question is, how to stop the population growing. Our planet is overpopulated and because of it, as the world of nature is squeezed out, the balance of nature is undermined seriously. It cannot go on. Experimenting with nature  is a form of gambling and brings unexpected consequences. The Lords of Karma watch, meanwhile: They will act swiftly to teach us that "what goes around comes around", and it will be interesting to see the real results of our game of dice with Gaia.]]>

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