Enlightenment from the USA on 9/11

September 11, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

Today the USA gives the world the gift of Enlightenment as we remember the events of 9/11 a decade ago.

Enlightenment has many meanings, but for me it means insight, discernment and wisdom both spiritual and temporal, and it comes to us in different ways. However it comes, it is always available, in everything we see and experience. It is the gift and purpose of living and our spiritual development depends upon our willingness to be enlightened.

Today the remembering of the shocking events of 9/11 on it tenth anniversary has a poignancy of such depth that the feeling world has stopped to empathise and to reflect, and there is a mantle of gentle sadness that unites us all – a blessing in itself.  The years that have passed have shown us where as humans we may have erred in over-reaction or desire for revenge, depending on military might to resolve a threat to our security without thinking of how we caused it and more peaceful alternatives. That is enlightenment. So too is the realisation of the importance of our loved ones – family, community, country, world, another gift from the unforgettable events ten years ago.

Today as the focus is upon that day, I hear in the words of the bereaved, of world leaders, of onlookers, not judgment or anger as once there was but sadness  that it happened, and acceptance of the lessons it has brought to us all about what it means to be human in a global world. There is, too, a sense of release from that frozen time and a looking forward with a determination to do better, indeed, to do our best. They who died have not died in vain, but have taught us much which was necessary.

I write now at exactly the moment the first devastating impact was made. My thoughts now are with the souls who were released ten years ago and with those who mourn still for them, but I remember also those for whom I have grieved, and for the many, many others who have died early and tragically, and will so do in our future to help us learn and grow.

The USA has given us the chance of enlightenment today and in other days past and to come. It is no coincidence that the beautiful and fitting memorial to the dead of 9/11 is made of trees, stone and, principally, water – which is the symbol and reality of Spirit.


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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.


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