Entering December

December 2, 2019,
Claire Montanaro
bare limbs stretching up….
The start of each December is a significant time for me, as I ponder a special month that includes the beginning of winter, the Solstice, Christmas and the Festival of Lights. 

Already there is a sense of change, of anticipation and of watchfulness as the last of the copper leaves fall away to leave bare limbs stretching up into an empty sky, with no hiding place for pretence, and birds scramble according to their pecking order to seize their seeds and fruits of protection and survival.  Even the waters of life and earth are sharper and clearer without their muffling canopies to warm and hide them. 

This is the time, in my part of the world, of exposure, though even in the southern hemisphere fire and destruction has created cruelly bare space.  There is a relentless call everywhere for truth and recognition, for consideration and non-interference, letting nature take its course without damaging human intervention. 

The pagan overtones and undertones from our ancient lineage are strong, calling to be heard, calling us to feel and be our world of pale light and ghostly shadows, of truth and of honesty.  I am fortunate in that, living as I do in a place where the Elements are pre-eminent, their messages are unmissable and to evade them brings trouble, but albeit perhaps more subtly you too in this month of December, wherever you are and in whichever hemisphere, are called to hear the call of the divine expressed everywhere and all around.

It is no coincidence that this month Jupiter moves into Capricorn where he will stay for a year, highlighting truth and justice, vision and reality, pragmatism and dreams.  He brings a time of opportunity but also of challenge, and the outer world of politics, leadership and finance will be affected particularly by his movement: his new energy will impact the British election and also the election in the US, as well as crises in an Eu struggling with Brexit, a new budget, a new Commission and existential crises.  2020 is a significant year for all of us and also our Planet, and Jupiter’s voice will be loud, encouraging us into our freedom of expression and of being, and chiding us for our blindness. 

It is easy to be seduced, this month, by the false bright lights of our commercial Christmas, to be carried away by the thoughts of celebration, holiday and the magic of children’s joy to such an extent that we forget about the other side of the December coin.  Jupiter, conventionally, is the planet that most resembles Father Christmas – generous, expansive, Dickensian in girth and joviality – but remember that, this time, as he overshadows Capricorn, he is more the disciplined visionary than the King of the Feast.  He shows us the world of the homeless, of the addicted, of the poor and of the lonely, of pollution and of suffering, and asks us to remember them, to help them, to let them be the heart of our visions. 

As we prepare to celebrate, let our vision be of peaceful good fortune falling on everyone and everything everywhere always.  This December is about far more than just us.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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  1. Hullo, Claire! 🙂
    It is also wise to know, as good doctors do, when and how to perform a clinical intervention to save a person's life. Likewise is the case when a mental health professional diagnoses a patient's/family's mental disorders - individually and collectively - and performs clinical interventions as the circumstances warrant. So, too, is it wise to know when to intervene so as to save this planet from humanity's folly.b

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