Expanding Roles

July 6, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
….hearts bursting with good
As July starts to have form, the clash for survival between mind and heart is becoming stronger, the one increasingly aggressive and the other intent upon emergence.

Within both there are strengths and weaknesses, and struggles. Your mind has two parts to it, lower and upper:  the lower mind is the distractor and the critic while the upper mind is your objective vehicle of wisdom and spiritual connection.  The two are incompatible, and it is only when the lower mind is subdued to the point of non-existence that the higher mind can do its true work of linking you with Spirit and helping you with wisdom.

Your heart, meanwhile, strongly connected to the mind, is divided also between positivity and negativity; it is the conduit and repository of unconditional love but it can express also, through feeling, the emotional distresses caused by the mind - for every emotion you feel has its origin in the lower mind, even that which you may say is “good”, such as happiness.  Happiness is superficial and transitory, often fleeting and leaving a vacuum when it gone, which is why I suggest that you do not aspire to it, as many people do, but rather aim to achieve the blessing of joy, bliss, contentment or serenity, all of which feelings are longer term and ultimately ingrained for life. 

When you are in a constant state of peace the higher mind can work unhindered, and the higher mind can help you to achieve and maintain that state of grace that is the goal of all true seekers of truth and light.

The struggle, then, is within your heart and within your mind, and each are reflective of the other.  The higher the mind, the the more heart-felt you will be, and the greater will be your level of spiritual and human consciousness, the key to your evolution.

There is no ego in the higher mind.  Ego is driven by its lower counterpart and it has its effect upon your heart, causing the pure love within it to become conditional depending on the wishes and frailties of the personality.  It is the reason why, for example, many people applaud the principle of helping the environment but are not prepared to pay more for their air travel or reduce their meat consumption.  They love the Planet, but only within the limits of their comfort zone. 

The unconditional heart, on the other hand, is devoid of selfishness in relationships, work or in life, and because it asks for nothing, it gains everything.  As importantly, your soul is nourished by your loving heart but depleted when it is half-hearted.

The next few years will see more tests of the heart and the soul for all of us as the lower mind of humanity grapples with great world events often in a spirit of fear-provoking negativity.  The more we learn to work under the guidance of a clear higher mind aligned with a heart bursting with good, the sooner the mysterious revolution of transformation will complete itself beautifully. 

Watch your mind, feel your heart, and you will know where and how you are.  It is not about perfection, but all about awareness and effort.  Your role is getting bigger, and so it matters.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

6 comments on “Expanding Roles”

  1. Hello, Claire, and thanks for your comments here. The following are items that come to mind after reading this particular blog of yours:
    First: After (most recently) doing both a consultation and then four days of sessions at via Zoom, something that augments your comments is this: it also helps to clear out psychic detritus from oneself. When this occurs, access to what you call the Higher Mind becomes far less impeded than what was previously the case.
    Second: The lower portions of the self, as you describe them, remind me of Freud and his theory of personality, where the Id and Ego keep having a go at each other. As for the personal Superego, I was left with the impression of it being more akin to the Higher Mind, basically bringing order to the chaos/conflict between the Id and Ego.
    Thanks also for giving me cause for further reflection about the issue of human personality. This is because I have an ebook in progress on this subject, one that incorporates Spirit in a somewhat different way from both transpersonal and humanistic psychology.

  2. This is a great blog-post, thank you Claire. I re-read it several times. It's given me much to contemplate.

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