Full Moons and Cosmic Rays

July 22, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
The Cosmic Rays affect everything.....
The Cosmic Rays affect everything, highlighting inherent strengths and weaknesses and forcing change through our reactions.  All opportunity and challenge in life are a result of how we see and use the Rays, particularly those that are significant to us personally.

This principle applies to nations and governments, the human race and to you and me.  While all bodies have their own unique Ray pattern, sometimes other factors add to it to become potent reminders of our choices and potential.  As we approach the Buck Full Moon this weekend, heavily influenced by Leo and Aquarius, The energies of Ray 1 and Ray 2 will be dominant in the days and weeks ahead.

Leo is the sign of the leader.  A leader, an authority figure, can be anything between a gentle influencer to a brutal dictator, and all leaders will have Ray 1, the Ray of power, as an important feature in their make-up.  

Aquarius is the sign of community, of service, of altruism not selfishness, and not only is it prominent astrologically now, but also it is the characteristic of the new cycle of civilisation we are entering into – the Age of Aquarius and the Age of the Christ Consciousness.  The Second Ray represents love and wisdom,  healing and teaching, and is a powerful element in Aquarian energy.  Like the Ray 1 leader, a Ray 2 individual can use the gift of the cosmic energy well or poorly, working with unconditional (and sometimes tough) love to help others or being filled with self-pity, over-sensitivity or passivity.

This Full Moon will amplify these traits and challenge us to see and do better, encouraging us to seek to achieve a balance between the best of Ray 1 and Ray 2, and that of Leo and Aquarius, avoiding the extremes of aggressive self-centredness and timid introspection.  The Rays can be ruthless teachers.

In time, not so far from now, the power of these 2 Rays, aligned as they are with Aquarius and currently Leo, will test humanity as never before.  We will have choices to make in a world polarised between social co-operation and social unrest, between brutality and humility in service, and between control and freedom.  Some of this is visible now as governments decree and citizens react to the pandemic and changed lives, and with future food shortages and shifting populations the tensions could become extreme.

Gaia too has her own Ray pattern.  She is demonstrating her Ray 1 power through precipitating extremes of fires and floods, and being the Ray 2 teacher at the same time to help us learn about what planetary care and responsibility really means.  She is the embodiment of the Aquarian principle of community, and while enabling us to make our choices for our own learning, she is determined, as a caring Earth Mother, to look after her world even at our expense.  She watches and acts and does what is needed, and as soon as we learn about humility in responsibility and the importance of caring for our community, a happy balance will be achieved.  The sooner we see this, the more quickly human life will become comfortable.

There is nothing to fear in what I have written.  The turbulence is here, and we can see the challenge there is for all world leaders to be the best of Ray 1 and Ray 2 in the shadow of Leo, and to embrace the values of Aquarius.  The fact that the signs of success in them are not encouraging does not prevent each of us from doing our best in our own sphere of influence: the combined energy of our achievements will force change on the unwilling and will bring about true leadership into a new world.  Much that is unknown is waiting to emerge.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

4 comments on “Full Moons and Cosmic Rays”

  1. Hi Claire, Thank you for yet another inspiring blog post. I foresee a problem though between what's perceived as social co-operation and freedom. My freedom to have sovereignty over my body is being marketed as lack of concern for others welfare. If only the data wasn't so conflicted and being used in a coercive way that goes against the first medical principle of 'do no harm' - ah well, perhaps as you say we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

    1. Thank you for your insightful comment, Linda. I understand your dilemma which is about values and interpretation, and often polarised thinking.
      I see social co-operation as communities working together for the common good, but without inhibiting personal freedom and identity. It means each of us is free to be ourselves in our own unique way, and is free to "believe" uniquely too. This for me is the problem with wokeness and cancel culture where freedom of thought and expression are, if not following a certain line, declared wrong and not allowed by the woke police.
      it follows therefore that we should have freedom to decide about our bodies and health, whether to have an operation or not, try other therapies, if and how far to have chemical intervention such as a vaccine.
      Social co-operation is an umbrella term which encourages contribution and support but which respects the right to choose - for that is the purpose of being human!

      1. Thank you Claire, your insightful response is most helpful and as usual it's language and our personal understanding of words that gets in the way. We are much alike I suspect and both value community (in it's most supportive form) as a way of connecting with others and with the planet. Hugs Linda xx

        1. Thank you again, Linda. Yes, words can be careless and misleading - and our reaction to them says a lot about our fears and values. I am glad we have a meeting of minds!

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