God's Particle and the Spiritual Veil of Illusion

December 14, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

The revelation yesterday that scientists at Cern may have discovered God's Particle, or the Higgs boson, has immense and exciting spiritual implications, more even than what it means for the explanation of the creation of the Universe. The field of which everyone is talking is what fills space and is what holds all solid objects together, whether it is a planet or a mouse, a mountain or a man: it holds us in matter, and so holds us in the third dimension. In order to transcend to higher dimensions we need to penetrate the field. You could call the field the true Veil of Illusion, and something spiritual teachers have talked about for thousands of years may be close to being proven.

The Veil of Illusion is placed upon you when you are born to obliterate all memory of your spiritual heritage, grounding you in the world of matter and challenging you to find your spiritual self through human choice and experience. As you evolve and the light of your soul grows, so the Veil thins and awareness and memory grow. God's Particle is, in fact, a very apt name for the field which is the Veil.

For some time I have believed that the Veil of Illusion is thinning now, even though only a few people are aware of it in this specific way, and that the ascension of the planet can only occur when the Veil has been removed completely. God's Particle must go, and will. This may be the next challenge for scientists, not only to prove definitively that the Particle exists, but to discover and explain why sometimes it is less dense than at others. Could this be the time when science and spirituality meet in full agreement?


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