Honouring the Dark of the Moon

December 2, 2013,
Claire Montanaro

As I write I sit in the dark of the moon, a moon which awaits its rebirth for another cycle in just a few hours’ time. It is dark and I write in the dark, the only light a white page against a black computer screen; the curtains are open but beyond lies inkiness with no hint of planetary life except the roar of the River Wye. The silence is solemn and yet expectant, and I feel wrapped in the mystery of nothingness and timelessness, and the presence of the undefinable. This unseen moon is more potent in its darkness than any I can remember: for night after night my home has been shrouded to such a degree that my eyes, open or shut, could see no light and sleeping in a black, silent bedroom was like being in the deepest void. It has been wonderful, but ends soon with the new moon, though a heavily overcast sky may obscure the crystal sliver and give me one more night of total darkness. dark of the moonSome people fear the dark and others associate it with negativity or even evil, seeing it as the antithesis of the Light and therefore wrong. While, certainly, there is human frailty or ill-intent from time to time in all of us, and ill-will in some non-physical entities, while some may have turned their back on Spirit, God never does judges nor abandons these ones, loving them unconditionally and awaiting their return, one day, if and when they choose. The darkness of their world is colourless and light-less, drab and heavy but another aspect of black is rich, vibrant, and filled with a light which is like black gold; it is the colour of God’s world and it is beautiful. At the time of the dark of the moon we can appreciate fully the perfection of darkness and we can feel the presence of Spirit. There are no visual distractions to obscure the heightened vibration, and the intensity of the secret world we are privileged to share for just a brief period of time. If you can, if you will, honour this time and remember what it means – the time when you are in God’s heaven, on Earth.   [byline]  ]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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