Kennedy and Blatter, United at the June Full Moon

June 3, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

The men are very different, but united in one way in that their endings came at the time of the significant full moon of June – the symbol of completion, and also of choice. They are united, too, through frailty – but for one it was expressed through the love of power, for the other through the need to compensate for hidden self-doubt and insecurity through alcohol. Otherwise, one of them was humble and unassuming, the other is arrogant and authoritarian, one was a man of integrity and honesty, the other heading up a shadowy cabal of seemingly dubious practice and lavish lifestyle. [caption id="attachment_2913" align="alignright" width="265"]Charles Kennedy Charles Kennedy[/caption] Charles Kennedy and Sapp Blatter are the antithesis of each other, and each, this week, is seen to have left his mark. Each, as they leave their past, is an example of human extremity: the former is lauded posthumously for his virtues as a politician and servant of the people, and as a man; the latter reviled for his failings as the head of world football, and as a man. The former was a sensitive man of principle who tried to do what was right and kind, the other is someone whose moral compass proved elusive. The events of life and death enveloping their memory and reputation mark the end of an era, and a reminder in very different ways of the need for change, in the conduct of politics and of world sport. Kennedy showed us how politics can be honourable for the higher good, and Blatter has shown how the world of football can be debased for personal gain. The full moon that witnessed or perhaps precipitated the ending of two prominent careers and a life was the highlight of the spiritual calendar – the Christ Festival, which in esoteric tradition is the opportunity for humanity to embed the love of God in our world. It is about doing our best with good and kindly intent, or not. It is our choice whether we do so or not, and these two men epitomise the nature of that choice, one through his unconditional compassion and wish to help society, despite an irresistible weakness, the other through his arrogance and materialism which overwhelmed the enormous opportunity to do great good in the world. [caption id="attachment_2914" align="alignright" width="265"]Sepp Blatter Sepp Blatter[/caption] Charles Kennedy and Sepp Blatter have much to teach us about what it means to be human. The June full moon, too, is a reminder about endings and beginnings as a new cycle of spiritual energy and human life gets under way. And your choice is there still….. [byline]   Image of Sepp Blatter by Marcello Casal Jr Image of Charles Kennedy by Moniker 42]]>

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