Light Fingers

June 5, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
...fingers are points of light...
As you remember that you comprise three levels of being, which are spirit, soul and your humanity, and as you remember too that only the aspect of being human is transitory, it is easy to take the latter for granted, particularly where it relates to the body.

It is an interesting paradox that young, reluctant or unawakened souls undergoing the initial initiations of their journey are required to focus upon their physicality, learning about gluttony, slothfulness, vanity and violence for example, while souls that are increasingly evolved can become so caught up by spiritual preoccupation that they tend to forget about the body, even though they know it is the vehicle for their soul.  Their heart and mind become pre-eminent in the quest for advancement, and their concern for their body may be restricted to ensuring its general well-being.

It is right and good that you honour the gift of being human for yet another lifetime of new adventure, and that you recognise that how you practise your humanity is key to the expansion of your soul.  Many souls that are not in incarnation look on wistfully at the great opportunities given to you through being on Earth:  not only is spiritual progress far quicker here than elsewhere where it is timeless and slow, but also you are a participant in and witness to great events that will be prominent in the annals of spiritual legend.  It is an exciting time and wonderful for you.

Your physicality, the third aspect of your being, is viewed by some as functional and necessary, but lesser than the nurturing of the other two aspects of soul and spirit.  The third dimension is seen as something to escape from whenever possible as the goal of flying among the stars becomes more and more compelling, but this attitude can be a slippery path to ego: rather than progressing spiritual development it can introduce another aspect of duality.

It helps to see the three levels of your existence as being in perfect harmony, with being pure Spirit as your goal, the soul helping you to achieve that goal and the body helping your soul in its efforts.  It does not mean that your body, harbouring and helping the soul, is without Spirit in its own right.  Indeed, it has an important part to play in the Plan of God, particularly through the touch of your fingers.

As you use your hands sometimes mindlessly in everyday life, in your busy-ness you can forget what can happen if you use the power that is within your fingers.  Healers know about using energy through touch to heal, but other people have much to give too, for the fingers are points of light that give light to everything they touch.  Your fingers are transmitters, not just tools.

If you are preparing food for others, the wish to give pleasure and nourishment in a spirit of gratitude will express itself in light coursing through it from the fingers, light which will enter all who share the food, bringing added peace and love to them and enhancing their well-being as well as yours.  It applies to every activity, from making a child’s bed to touching a plant or an animal to writing an email, and it is far more than having loving thoughts as you do so, good though that is.  This is physical.

Look at your hands now and see the light shoot out from your fingertips, and feel the tingle in your hands as you watch.  Touch something, and feel the light go into it.  Good has been done.

Awareness and intent are key, and it serves to remember that if you are angry or upset while cooking or working, that negativity will feed through to others, rather than your light.  In your humanity you carry great responsibility, for you can transmit shadow as well as brilliance through your fingers.  

You have great power within you and however you describe yourself, you are a healer, able to bring change to the world through your hands – and so much more.  It is food for thought, is it not?



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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