A Blood Supermoon of Great Change

May 22, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
The Blood Supermoon will be.... a demanding teacher
Wednesday’s Supermoon will be the strongest and brightest in recent memory and for many months to come, exceeding even last month’s powerful and painful manifestation.  Unusually, it will be accompanied by a total lunar eclipse, and so it will be a Blood Supermoon.

The effects of the associated lights and shadows and lunar proximity to Earth will give this Full Moon a rosy glow, and it is no coincidence that it will be at its peak on the day of the Festival of the Christ, the third of the great annual spiritual festivals and when spiritual energy is at its closest.  At this time of celebration we are encouraged to remember and encourage the seeds of the Christ Consciousness that lie within the hearts of each of us:  the Christ Consciousness is all about love and about heart, and the colour associated with the heart is pink.

While it is important to reflect upon the gentle, loving aspects of the day and its colour reflected in the Blood Supermoon and the heart of the Christ, know too that it is the harbinger of massive change over the next six months and beyond.  It will bring with it a test of faith for each of us and the collective human world as a result of embedded greed, excess and immorality.  Rigidity of mind, judgment, self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance will be challenged hard, as will our beliefs, our truth, our pretences and our sense of community.  We will be questioned and called to account where we have failed to let go of our weaknesses particularly where they affect the freedom of others and their well-being, and where we have fostered illusion for self-serving reasons.  The Bashir crisis at the BBC, for example, hidden for 25 years, had to come to light now – and there will be more explosions elsewhere over the weeks and months to come.

This huge letting go and new self-awareness must be done and will be done for the seeds of the Christ Consciousness to grow, and for the sake of our souls.

To add to this time of spiritual importance, Mercury turns retrograde on Friday until, “coincidentally”, the June solstice which will usher in another period of change and significance.  Issues of communication will be highlighted by Mercury, who too will encourage us to speak our truth and to be honest about who we are and what we do.  The messages being drummed into us simultaneously by the Moon, by the Christ and by Mercury will be loud and must be heard.

The implications of this great time of change are sobering, but welcome.  Our world, perhaps we ourselves need a shaking up to enable a new approach to life on Earth.  The Blood Supermoon will be a beautiful sight but a demanding teacher: if we listen to her humbly as we evoke the spirit of Christ, all will be well for us and the community we create with love.



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