Deep Time and Parallel Lives

May 10, 2021,
Claire Montanaro
Life is richer than we know........
In the recent Deep Time project, fifteen people lived in a French cave without clocks, light or external communications, to test the effects of living as a group in isolation without any indicators of time. 

Emerging after 40 days, many were reluctant to leave, and all believed their period underground was about 29 days only.  Living according to their biological clocks changed their perception of time and human needs, such as when to sleep and eat, and over time these rhythms synchronised themselves so that more and more they were living and working as a group, sharing the tasks and projects necessary for their survival harmoniously.  They lived in the moment, and liked it, though some commented on missing the sound and sight of nature.

The participants learned much about themselves, also community co-operation in an environment of hardship.  They showed that humans can be enterprising and creative, and that they are survivors, but it is interesting to ponder how they would have behaved if they had not known that they were taking part in an experiment and that it was of limited duration:  fear or panic may have changed their stoicism considerably, perhaps, for a while at least.

If they had not opted to live in a cave for a while, no doubt their lives would have carried on in a less adventurous and more conventional way.  They would have made choices still about actions to take and thoughts to have, and the experiences resulting from those decisions would have led to further learning about being human, for that is why they, and we, are in human form.  We learn all the time.

What happens, however, to the choices in life we reject?

Everything has life, whether it is a thought form or running a race, and nothing ever dies.  The energetic imprint of the race that you have run lives on in your memory and in the place where it occurred, and it affects your soul as all your actions do.  It was a conscious choice by you to compete rather than undertake the alternative, but the alternative, which was, maybe, to walk your dog, is real too. 

It is a complex esoteric concept that we have countless parallel lives occurring simultaneously with the choice that is realised as we enact our life options, ideas we have not selected for action consciously, through offshoots of our soul.  The dimensions of the non-physical are limitless and there is plenty of room for us to live out the thoughts and ideas that might otherwise have happened in our third dimensional world.  Every thought lives.  Human life, too, is short and there is an urgency to learn as much as we can in every lifetime to grow the soul through every possibility, visible or invisible.

Understanding the ramifications of this philosophical idea about ongoing parallel lives can be a helpful incentive to be more aware of what we feel and how we choose, particularly when it is ignoble or uncharitable and would lead to a parallel life we would prefer to avoid.  Suppressing a thought before it takes form ensures this will not happen.

Alternative realities are many and different, and your view on them may differ from mine, which is fine! We may agree otherwise that life is richer than we know in many ways and filled with unknown gifts.  How interesting it is, too.



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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Deep Time and Parallel Lives”

  1. Thank you Claire, I hadn't heard about the deep time project and now I'm curious about the role of the biological clock vs the diurnal clock. It's something I think I'll need to reflect on. And I'm often struck by the underlying complexity of life when I stop, just for a moment, to consider what possible ramifications there might have been if I done this, rather than that!

    1. Thank you, Linda. Yes, it is so interesting to consider the what-ifs of our thoughts and actions! What we do is always right (though it may not seem that way!) but then so would be the alternative. It is all a bit mindblowing, in a good way.

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