Machu Picchu

January 27, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

An interesting reply to a recent Commentary was put forward yesterday, reflecting on the recent situation in Peru when hundreds of tourists are stranded in Machu Picchu through flooding and landslides.  Was it to do with a portal there, my friend and client wrote?

Certainly, there is a most important portal on the site which is indeed being activated and used.  However, I sense there is more to the situation than that.   After it was abandoned as a great spiritual centre (and portal) five hundred years ago, it was reclaimed by nature to such an extent that it was invisible to the outside world, forgotten by most except in legend.  In 1911 it allowed itself to be discovered and revived as a place of pilgrimage and spiritual awakening for many.

I believe, however, that Machu Pichu will be with us for a limited period of time only, and that when its work is done it will be absorbed back into nature once again, inaccessible except through the higher realms.  I see the mountains surrounding the site falling upon the place, sealing it off forever.  What has happened there in recent days is a sign of what is to come, just as what happened in Haiti is a symbol and portent of further earth changes elsewhere in months and years ahead - nothing to be feared, all to be accepted as timely, appropriate and indicative.

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